Is there a literary Grandpa Moses in our midst?

 At age 90 Chuck Gleason is well into his third career… 

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather... Author

Chuck Gleason is an author of romance novels. 

His books are about real love, not graphic sex, and always have a happy ending.  

He has been married to his lovely wife for 68 years now, it is no wonder he knows something about love.  

He enjoys life in the mountains of North Georgia and of course, spending time with family and his special dog, Misty...

My Romance Novels

Fired Angels

Teacher Lindsey McGuire is fired for no reason! Undaunted, she starts a Charter School, competing with the woman who fired her. Seeking publicity, Lindsey meets and falls for reporter Hunter Kendall. Later, Lindsey ‘dumps’ Hunter.

To stop the Charter, the teacher’s union hires The Ferret, an arsonist. He torches the new school the day before its scheduled opening! The Ferret flees to his hideout in Canada.

In an effort to restore Lindsey’s affection, Hunter devises a crazy scheme. He plans to drive to Canada, kidnap the Ferret, returning him to East Lansing to stand trial. Will his adventure restore Lindsey’s affection?

Collision Course

A warm loving story about two college kids off on a rocky road to romance. Filled with excitement and love, Collision Course is a happy tale that will leave readers smiling 

Widow, a heartwarming love story

This is the story of Peggy Waldren whose husband was killed in a car

accident the day before the story begins. Peggy is left with an eight-year-old son,

not much money and a broken heart. The stirring novel describes how she deals with her grief, gets a job, avoids a lecherous boss and eventually finds a second love.

Mystery Daughter

 This college romance begins with a strange twist. Laurie Knowlton, whose father is wealthy, senses the boy she just met, Brad Randall, could be someone special. She elects to become the mystery daughter. “I will tell you nothing about myself, even my last name, until we have been together for 90 days.”

Laurie’s reasons for this strange behavior are understandable. Her wealthy father assumes no boy will be interested in his daughter, unless they want to get at his money. By preventing Brad from learning her last name, Laurie can refute her father. 

Unfortunately, her father rejects Brad.

Laurie discovers an unknown trust which leaves some shares of the Knowlton company in her name. She finds a way to take over the family business. A wild board room fight highlights the end of this exciting novel.

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